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PeTA's Cookbook for Students

What’s not to love about PeTA’s Vegan College Cokbook? This dorm  survival guide devotes a chapter just to ramen.  Still another chapter is all about peanut butter.  This is a revised edition of the book, originally published n 2009. That means much new  content and recipes for the class of '21.

 More conventional categories do earn a place on the table of contents. These include breakfast, dinner, soups and stews, salads, desserts, and sauces and dressings.

We’re not exactly in cordon bleu land here. The PeTA cookbook’s most avant-garde culinary technique shows up in its “Iron-Willed Grilled Cheese” recipe. . You assemble the sandwich (using vegan cheese slices), and wrap it in aluminum foil. Then press down with a hot iron. PeTA recommends linen or cotton setting.

The recipes are not only meatless. They are kitchenless. And who needs pots when we have microwaves and blenders? . Many recipes basically say open cans, throw contents into bowl, nuke— or maybe blend.

Nobody necessarily needs a book to detail the intricacies of microwaving a can of beans –not even college students.  But this book excels as a valuable resource. For one thing it recaps what is and is not fair game for vegans. It provides a list of supplies that will help keep you fed through the semester. (Many can be purchased at a dollar store.) It lists a whole bunch of name brand products that are intentionally or accidentally vegan. (Gardein falls into the former category, Bacos the latter.)

And, of course, it goes well beyond nuking that pathetic little can of beans. It offers amazing, enjoyable combinations of easily accessible foods and flavors.

. Written in friendly, breezy style, PeTA’s Vegan College Cookbook is a highly practical guide to eating cheaply, quickly and veganly. For more information, click here.

 PeTA’s Vegan College Cookbook by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals with Marta Holmberg and Syarza Kolman (Sourcebooks April 2016, Naperville,$14.99.