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New Pumpkin Apple Spice Juice

Ahh, autumn. Harvest season. The sound of crunching leaves underfoot. The aroma of cinnamon and clove. And now we have the debut of Pumpkin Apple Spice juice from Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company.  It’s a pleasant addition to the citrus-centric, Florida-based, family-owned firm. Natalie’s people tell us, “This juice was actually voted in by food and nutrition editors who were asked to choose between three new test flavors for fall.”

The new juice has three ingredients — fresh pumpkins, pears and apple.
All the company’s juices are minimalist when it comes to ingredients. Several of the rich, smooth and sweet juices are described as one-ingredient beverages. Others are blends (two or three ingredients). For example, orange beet consists of . . . oranges and beets. It’s gorgeous, ruby, and lush and is definitely sipping juice. If old Russian soldiers were living in the tropics and reminiscing about borscht, this is exactly what they would turn to.

Natalie’s tomato juice is a two-ingredient (tomato and lemon) juice. Its little splash of lemon does wonders. And no genes were altered in the process. Other Natalie flavors are honey tangerine, grapefruit, orange cranberry, orange mango, orange pineapple, natural lemonade, pure lemon, strawberry lemonade, lemonade tea, pure lime, margarita mix, sweet and sour bar mix and —the root of all goodness— orange. For more information, click here.