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Plant-Based Food For Carbon-Based Units

Vegetarian Havens In Portland, Oregon

 By Bruce Miller


Blossoming Lotus has great raw food. To quote its menu the restaurant serves “world vegan fusion cuisine with . . . cooked and live food options."

When I'm in Portland and I'm headed for Blossoming Lotus for lunch, I make sure I get there early, because the lunch crowd fills up the place. (Hint: Mon-Fri, it opens at 11:00 a.m.) For more information, click here.

Prasad is small. It’s next to a Yoga studio and a few blocks from the massive Powell's Bookstore. It offers breakfast, soups, greens, bowls, juices and smoothies. I spent $30 for lunch there one day because the cucumber-parsley raw soup was go good that I wanted a second serving to go with my raw kale wrap. Prasad will pack food to go. (Brown rice and veggies, please.)This is very handy when traveling by train.. The Amtrak station is a 15 minute walk from Prasad. The trip back to Seattle on the 6: 00 p.m. train includes a fantastic meal for the trip north. For more information, click here
Bruce Miller of is based in Seattle.