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Zengo New York's Summer Menu

Xengo New York offers sumer menu in

Like any self-respecting super Chef, Richard Sandoval has his cookbooks, TV appearances, fan base and – most importantly — his restaurants (42 of them at last count). They are in such far-flung outposts as Denver, Dubai, Washington DC, Mexico’s Riviera Maya Region, Philadelphia, and New York City. Happily for New Yorkers, his Latin/Asian fusion restaurant Zengo (located at 633 3rd Avenue) has just announced a summer vegetarian and cocktail menu.

Choice eatables include wonton tacos (an assemblage of corn, sushi rice, guacamole, and mango salsa); Crispy tofu with bok choy, bean sprouts, ginger and just the right touch of cilantro; a tangy mango slaw; vegetable potstickers with a revved up with a red chili-dashi sauce; and vegetarian fried rice, graced with corn, shiitake mushrooms, egg and scallion.

And then there are the drinks — cocktails and mocktails. Give bartender Felix the order and he’ll shake, muddle, crush, stir, mix and do whatever it takes to produce such liquid works of art as the Zengo Margarita, Tamarind-Togarashi Margarita, Watermelon Soju Margarita, Lychee Bellini, Smoked Ginger, or “El Capitan among others.

Zengo is just a short amble from the landmark Grand Central station. But while the transportation hub is quite the beehive, Zengo is a relaxing oasis. It is dark and dreamy with lots of green banquettes, wrought iron chandeliers from Guadalajara, and metal and wood elements that find a commonality between Latin America and Asia. Zengo has three levels — the main dining floor, the downstairs biblical text (with his grand stock of fine tequilas) and the upstairs sushi bar. And they all work quite well. For more information, click here