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Meet Your Yonanas Maker

It seems as if the long winter might really be over. How better to celebrate than with a device Amazon ranks as a “top-selling ice cream maker.” But neither ice nor cream is harmed in the process. We’re talking about the Yonanas Maker.

Load with frozen fruit, and, you’re just a button’s touch away from a remarkable, chilled dessert: voila! soft-serve, ice cream ish stuff.

Here’s the weird part. It’s healthy.  That’s assuming that fruit and its precious cargo of , nutrients, antioxidants and fiber are healthy. Here’s the other weird part. This smooth, frozen dessert bamboozles tour mind and body. It frolics across your tongue. It does this without benefit of sugar, cream, chemicals , or clergy.

It’s simple to use.

Start with fruit that has been in the freezer for at least 24 hours. Overripe bananas are ideal. Other fruits also work.  When you’re ready for dessert, haul the fruit out of the freezer and let it rest on the counter fir 7-10 minutes.  Using the Yonanas Maker is like juicing. Toss fruit into the chute, press the button, and push the contents down with the plunger. Oh yes, be sure to have a receptacle underneath to catch the goodies. If you’re using a blend of fruits, layer them.

The appliance’s heart is its special cone-shaped high-torque blade that doesn’t extract juice or shred but actually grinds and blends.

You can get either a Classic or an Elite model. The Classic does everything you need. The Elite is quieter, more powerful, has greater capacity, and is a tad more designy.

In its quiet way (the appliance's noise not withstanding), the Yonanas Maker could serve well as a shield against diabetes and obesity. Just by providing a serving or two of affordable fruit, it can save lives.  Maybe some of the appliances will turn up in food banks or public schools. What better teachable moment than consuming  a lovely healthy dessert that you just helpoed to make?

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