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World Coconut Day Lives

 A belated but sincere happy World Coconut Day (2 September) to every last man, woman, child and coconut on this planet.

Let’s keep the spirit of this day going all year round. Here are a few ways you can help.

1. For a change of taste, turn to COYO. The label calls it a “coconut yogurt alternative.”  We call it a smooth operator. [more]



How The Experts Celebrate National Peanut Butter Day


Georgia Grinder Peanu Butter on Vegetarian GazetteOfficially National Peanut Butter Day falls on January 24; but every day is Peanut Butter Day when you love the gooey stuff. And what’s not to love.

Peanut butter is not only luscious. It’s heroic.

The gorgeous spread, one of the original health foods, is fighting malnutrition in Africa. Hershey distributes free specially fortified Vivi peanut butter bars to Ghanaian schoolchildren— and the peanuts are locally sourced.

In Prevention magazine, Chef Marge Perry gives us a tour of peanut butter perks. [more]

Savoring Gotham

book review

Savoring Gotham: A Food Lovers Companion toSavoring Gotham by Andrew F. Smith New York City is one mouthwatering Ellis Island of the mind (and heart and taste buds).

It is about New York. It is about food. It is about time.

With more than 550 absorbing entries, editor Andrew F. Smith and scores of contributors describe the culinary history, trends, opportunities, institutions, icons and iconoclasts associated with New York City.  [More]


What's Up in Fancy Food?


The Summer 2015 Specialty Fancy Food Show took over New York’s Javits Center 30 June-2 July. It was a huge serving of aromas, texture, mouth feel and flavor.  According to show officials, more than 22,000 attendees traipsed past 2,600 specialty food companies from 50 countries, including Brooklyn.

It was a carnival of madness, surprise and delight.  [more]


Meet Your Yonanas Maker


It seems as if the long winter is over. How better to celebrate than with a device Amazon ranks as a “top-selling ice cream maker.” But neither ice nor cream is harmed in the process. We’re talking about the Yonanas Maker[more]

Lionel Vatinet:  Champion of Artisanal Bread


Enter Eataly NYC, the massive Batali & Bastianich food hall located in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, and you walk into an explosion of sound, color and fragrance. Foodstuffs—both Italian and local — are on shameless, flirtatious display. Throngs of mouths agape people go ooo, ahh, wow. 

Chef Lionel Vatinet is a reminder that when craft, art, tradition and passion combine, the result is some pretty good eats.  [read more]