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It's a Waffle! It's a pop!

 Pop Bar the NYC based gelato shop franchiser offers something new under the winter sun— waffle pops.

Describing the company’s shop in the Anaheim Packing House,Los Angeles Times writer S. Irene Virbila said, “Pop Bar draws the crowd for impossibly beautiful gelato on a stick (think popsicle) in a gazillion flavors.” 

Currently, there are more than 20 Pop Bar franchise locations around the US and Canada and a few strategically located in Panama, Singapore and the Philippines. Naturally the gelato is prepared daily in small batches. The shops offer about 40 flavors in all.  You can enhance your pop with a dip or a topping (there are 15 of them).

We return to our waffle pop programming.
 The waffles are freshly made and warm. The gelato is the filling. Don’t forget the dips and toppings. There are two waffle pop configurations —single or sandwich. (See picture.) For a list of locations, click here.