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About Us

Just what the world needs.

Another vegetarian website.

Actually when you think about it… Couldn’t hurt.

We’re here because of a New York Times restaurant review. Once again, the reviewer omitted mention of any vegetarian options. A description of a vegetarian dish? Nope! A fleeting mention that the joint had something for vegetarians? In my dreams! This was anything but the first or only time this affront to my dining dignity occurred.

This wrong needed fixing. Clearly, a strongly worded letter to the Times was in order. No doubt a serious correspondence would ensue. It would be respectful and somewhat collegial in tone. It might continue for months until fatigue set in. Maybe the reviewer would get a column out of it.

Wait A Minute!!!

Hey why should he get a column — especially one enhanced by my letters? 

Instead I’ll share information with the world directly, via the Vegetarian Gazette. Basically, I want to know what’s for dinner anywhere I can eat it.  If there’s a strictly vegetarian or vegan restaurant anywhere in the world, I want to know about it. If there’s a meat-centric place that makes an effort to please its vegetarian diners, I want to know about it. If anything can expand my knowledge and appreciation of vegetarian possibilities, let’s know about it and share that knowledge.

Action Central

So here’s the deal. This isn’t a “do as I say” or “do as I do” preach-athon. At its best (and hopefully that may happen once in a while), it’s a bit of a clearinghouse, a discovery center. I will share all kinds of vegetarian and vegan-related stuff — news, recipes, ideas, information, tips, activities, etc. — as I come across them. I hope to inform, support, entertain and serve. This will be chock full of plant-based info for carbon-based units. And, remember kids, these are for entertainment purposes only.