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Plant-Based Food For Carbon-Based Units


Ninja Coffee Bar


To drink coffee, we first must brew coffee. We tested the recently released Ninja Coffee Bar and can report it not only gives a good cup of coffee but it’s kinda fun. It gives you brewing options — size (single cup to full carafe), richness (classic, rich, over ice, and specialty brews).

The Ninja provides degree of richness through a process the manufacturer calls “thermal flavor extraction” (quite scientific sounding and yet reassuring).[more]


Meet Your Yonanas Maker

It seems as if the long winter might really be over. How better to celebrate than with a device Amazon ranks as a “top-selling ice cream maker.” But neither ice nor cream is harmed in the process. We’re talking about the Yonanas Maker.

Load with frozen fruit, and, you’re just a button’s touch away from a remarkable, chilled dessert: voila! soft-serve, ice cream ish stuff. [more]