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Cabbages seen on the Vegetarian Gazette

Plant-Based Food For Carbon-Based Units


What’s not to love about PeTA’s Vegan College Cokbook? This dorm  survival guide devotes a chapter just to ramen.his is a revised edition of the book, originally published n 2009. That means much new  content and recipes for the class of '21. [Read more]

Savoring Gotham by Andrew F. Smith

Savoring Gotham: A Food Lovers Companion to New York City is one mouthwatering Ellis Island of the mind (and heart and taste buds).

It is about New York. It is about food. It is about time.

With more than 550 absorbing entries, editor Andrew F. Smith and scores of contributors describe the culinary history, trends, opportunities, institutions, icons and iconoclasts associated with New York City.