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What does being vegan have to do with cryptocurrency? Everything and nothing, according to your point of view. Nicole Axworthy reports in VegNews the new digital currency coming from VeganNation, an online community that seems to position itself as a one-stop vegan oasis for every possible need from news to shopping to community. For more, click here.

CPAC and its Cows Célèbre 

Hillstone vegeeburger for story about CPAC and cows in 

Dear CPAC and other meat eaters of any political stripe. Please do not fret. We know hamburgers are your sacred cows. We do not want to pry them from your cold, dead plates. Your right to eat dead animal flesh is safe. Yes, you may take a moment to sigh in relief. [more]


Avocado hand takes its place in the medical pantheon of culturally induced injuries. Hint: that knife can really cut you. Clint Rainey tells all about it in New York Magazine’s Grub Street. And there are videos that show the right way to get inside that guac. Click here.

In late March, the Inter Ivy League Vegan Conference decamped at Harvard. Speakers, sponsors and ideas floated around. Reporting on the plant-based highlights were Frank M. Cahill and Norah M. Murphy for the Harvard Crimson. Read here.

If only we could turn the vending machine into a force for good. We've got it! Vegan vending machines!. You put money in, press a button, and out comes a vegan? No, out comes a vegan meal. And Actually, leCupboard has got it -- as Chase Purdy reports in this Quartz article. Learn more.  

We've heard of sunshine patriots,Monday morning quarterbacks, and weekend warriors . GQ, UK's Ross Edgley calls himself a weekend vegan. One reason for this stance, he says, is that it helps him learn mindful eating. His article is called "Why You Should

 Be A Vegan "(although he isn't.)  Read more. Suze Olbrich introduces Guardian readers to four proud thoughtful vegans in her article this is what a vegan looks like. And not one is a "a sanctimonious tofu tout or a clean-eating vanity case" Click here.  

Year of the pulse in

2016 was the International Year of the Pulse.   Celebrate by reading “Green Beans: Why Pulses Are The Eco-Friendly Option For Feeding – And Saving – The World.” The article by researchers  Caroline Wood  and Wayne Martindale  appears on academically oriented  website, (Wood is a University of Sheffield Ph.d. student and Martindale is a Senior Research Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University. To read, click here

You know vegetarianism is trending when even piranhas are going veggie. Well okay we’re talking about the red-bellied pacu (Piaractus brachypomus). Native to the Amazon, it’s actually a piranha cousin. Mindy Weisberger Live Science senior writer reports that several of these finny plant eaters had been found in Michigan waters. (No, they were not attracted by Jelly Roll Morton’s assertion that Michigan water taste like Sherry wine.) Most remarkably, their teeth look like human grinders and are used for nuts and seeds. More

The New York Post's Doree Leewak chronicles the heartbreak and soul-searching that befalls a family when a child crosses the food line and embraces a vegan diet. Check out her story, here

Wrtiing in Food Dive, Carolyn Heneghan dives into a Market Insights Innova report that details  the growth of vegan and vegetarian products that we can buy. One might call it mushrooming growth. For particulars click here

What Lit Your Fire?

What brought you to the vegetarian diet? Ethical feelings about the treatment of animals? The embrace of a healthy lifestyle? An environmental awareness? I happen to be a romantic vegetarian.  Let me explain.  

A longtime friend, with whom I had manyWhat lit your vegetarian fire? lunches, was (and is) a vegetarian. I took this in stride. (Everybody’s got to have some kind of eccentricity.) She was (and is) an ethical vegetarian. One day, I accidentally got it. [more]