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Cabbages seen on the Vegetarian Gazette

Plant-Based Food For Carbon-Based Units

Deep Thoughts


The New York Post's Doree Leewak chronicles the heartbreak and soul-searching that befalls a family when a child crosses the food line and embraces a vegan diet. Check out her story, here

Wrtiing in Food Dive, Carolyn Heneghan dives into a Market Insights Innova report that details  the growth of vegan and vegetarian products that we can buy. One might call it mushrooming growth. For particulars click here

What Lit Your Fire?

What brought you to the vegetarian diet? Ethical feelings about the treatment of animals? The embrace of a healthy lifestyle? An environmental awareness? I happen to be a romantic vegetarian.  Let me explain.  

A longtime friend, with whom I had manyWhat lit your vegetarian fire? lunches, was (and is) a vegetarian. I took this in stride. (Everybody’s got to have some kind of eccentricity.) She was (and is) an ethical vegetarian. One day, I accidentally got it. [more]