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Cabbages seen on the Vegetarian Gazette

Plant-Based Food For Carbon-Based Units


Veronica Chavez compares almond milk and dairy milk in One Green Planet posting. Guess which wins and why.  Click Here

The Next Apple Cider?

Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company now offers Pumpkin Apple Spice juice. The Florida-based, family-owned firm, best known for its locally sourced, cold-pressed, small-batched, fresh bottled citrus juices, says that its new Pumpkin Apple Spice variety is poised to be “the next apple cider.” It certainly captures the seasonal vibe. Learn more.


6 Sips of Coffee

Javazen Coffee seen in vegetarian

The coffee we drink and how we drink it is the result of highly individual choices — a complex, mystical process, The many roasts, native countries, blends, infusions and brewing methods offer endless opportunities for experimentation and wonder Your veteran reporter’s fallback is Medaglia d’Oro brewed with an Aeropress.

Here are a few random sips of information about coffee. [more]