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 Tyson Foods is investing in vegan burgers that bleed., according to Rich McCormick of The Verge. It's not certain as to whether Tyson is making this move because it believes in the future of the vegan market, it wants to gain PR benefits,or it just likes things that bleed. In any event it is buying 5% stake in Beyond Burgers. Learn more.


Jenna Blumenfeld of Delicious Living strikes a blow for freedom with her article about artisanal vegan cheeses. Tautology or oxymoron? You be the judge by clicking here.

Freshark Enters Healthy Food Franchise Fray

Ftrshark Quinoa Burger, as seen in 

A modest storefront on midtown Manhattan’s East Side (1026 Second Ave.) may well be the flagship of a new healthy eating franchise empire. It’s called Freshark, and it offers a quantum menu. All offerings are and are not vegetarian.  [more]

Veggie Burger on a Pedestal

The Vegetaria Gazette's review of Hillstone Veggieburger

The first sensation the Houston’s/Hillstone veggie burger triggers is panic. Why does it glisten? Are those red splotches blood? The burger looks so carnal.

 “Please take this back,” you’ll tell the server. "We ordered a veggie burger.”

There, there now. No cows died in the making of this delicacy.[more]


Los Angeles

Meanwhile, in her  coverage Los Angeles’s “Happy Hour Week,” Jenn Harris of the LA Times tells readers “Where to get the best bang for your buck.” One of the spots is vegan Mexican restaurant Gracias Madre. Click here.

San Francisco

In December, 2014 SF Gate’s Paolo Lucchesi reported on Seed + Salt, a then new vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco’s Marina District. One menu highlight Lucchesi notes  is “a rather delicious and genius eggplant bacon, which isn’t as eye-rolling as it sounds.” [Read more

Santa Monica

Crystal Koser of Los Angeles Eater reports that casual, healthy franchise chain Bowl Of Heaven has a new outlet in Santa Monica. The five-year-old company specializes in açai bowls, smoothies amd juices rich in frutis and vegetables. Click here



WaterCourse Foods is an all-vegan restaurant. (It opened in 1998 as an all-vegetarian restaurant.)  Click here.

District of Columbia

The Equinox Restaurant—located in Washington, D.C. —is not exclusively vegetarian but The Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema called the restaurant’s vegan tasting menu “beautiful and bountiful.” Equinox also has a vegan brunch and a vegan
 smackdown. Click here




The Federal restaurant on Miami’s Biscayne Boulevard, is launching a vegan and vegetarian menu for three months. Miami New Times reporter Hannah Sentenac spoke with Federal chef Cesar Zapata about this move. Click here

New Mexico


Karen Peterson of the Albuquerque Journal tells us that Santa Fe's Plants of the Southwest is a plants nursery. And at midday (say 11:30 to 1:30-ish "until the food runs out") it's a restaurant. The food is fresh, creative, local — and it does run out. Reservations are recommended. Learn more, click here.

New York

New York

 New York magazine's food coverage skews toward the carnivores amongst us. So it's a jolt of joy to see Hannah Goldfield's roundup of New York City's best vegetarian sandwiches. Click here.

Richard Sandoval's Zengo New York has a summer 2016 menu that features several enticing vegetarian offerings. Click here.

Huffington Post’s reports on vegetarian tasting menus  at seven posh New York City restaurants. They include Per Se and Eleven Madison Park. (Actually one eatery is in Westchester.) Click here.



Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Debbi Snook tells readers about five vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly area restaurants. One even offers chicken-fried cauliflower. Click here.



La Vida Veggie in Beaverton (OR) serves Mexican cuisine, reports Wendy Owen of The Oregonian/OregonLive. For example, there’s the walnut meat taco. It’s enhanced with citrus-accented cashew cream, pickled cabbage, pico de gallo and guacamole. For more information, click here.


 Vegetarian Havens by Bruce Miller

Blossoming Lotus has great raw food. To quote its menu the restaurant serves “world vegan fusion cuisine with . . . cooked and live food options."

When I'm in Portland and I'm headed for Blossoming Lotus for lunch, I make sure I get there early, because the lunch crowd fills up the place. Read more



Philadelophia food writer Michael Klein spotlights the reopening of the Triangle Tavern. A familiar Philadelphia haunt after prohibition died. It essentially shuttered its doors in 2008. We’re talking about it because the renewed Triangle’s menu includes several vegan choices including vegan “roast beef.” Click here.




Houston Community Newspapers reports that Texas chain Freebird World Burritos now offers a vegan option -- the Tempeh Calabacita. Read all about it here.

Hong Kong

Tracey Furniss of Good Eating magazine reports that Hong Kong is seeing a new wave of healthy vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Click here.


Winter was approaching. Fiona O’Connell (columnist for the Irish Independent) was looking for some comfort food. A vegetarian, she hoped for something other than pasta with tomato sauce or the perfunctory “vegetarian option.” And then she came across Chef Helen Costelloe  and the Watergarden Café in Thomastown, County Kilkenny.  [Read here]


Annika and Elo, Luxembourgers (Luxembourgites?), are vegans who are "eating their way around the world." They report their findings in their blog In this episode, they find vegan restaurants in Bern Switzerland. Click here.


The Guardian presents reader voted awards for best this and that restaurant. One. category-- bless the paper's heart-- is best ethical restaurant. And the winner is Silo. Killian Fox explains why. Click here.

All Over

What are America’s best vegan restaurants? Get ready to chow down. The Daily Meal has compiled a list. And, yes, we’ll find LA, New York and Philly locations. But also Ashville (NC) and Branford (CT). Read on. 

Liz Connor tells Evening Standard readers and you about 18 of the best vegan restaurants in the world. There’s even one in  Paris. Take the tour.