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 Here is news and information about items you might want on your pantry, fridge or freezer shelves.


UK supermarket chain, Waitrose, is bringing fresh ammo to the battle for the minds and tummies of vegans — namely the first seitan burger available in a British supermarket. So reports Harriet Flook in the Mirror. Flook says, “Seitan is one of the hottest vegan alternatives, with searches on for vegan burgers…increased by 86%, with seitan searches up by 148%.” For more, click here.

Sometimes, commercially baked bread can mess with our minds. It tastes and feels so good; but it contains ingredients that — let’s face it — are not really that good for us (especially when consumed in the quantities that your humble editor considers normal).  Fortunately, there also is Ezekiel bread. April Benshosan’s  2016 Eat This Not That article gives us the skinny on this brand and its story. Click here.

It never hurts to remind ourselves of those essential nutrients that are a little harder to come by. Writing in Medical News Today, Jon Johnson gives us the rundown on what we need to avoid feeling — well — run down. He details building blocks, what they are and where to get them in his article, “Supplements for vegans: What to know.” Learn more here.


Writing for the Greatist, Kate Morin and Anisha Jhaveri tell us how to beat those midafternoon munchies with protein instead of empty calories. Almost all of their suggestions are plant-based. This list definitely is worth a look and, better yet, a taste. Click here.


Ready to spice it up? The folks at venerable website, Serious Eats, have compiled a list of favorite condiments. While used to cover a wide range of ingestibles, all but one are plant-based. See how you feel about their must-haves. Click here. Kathy Beskow is a writer,chef and cooking instructor. She also is a contributor to self magazine where she wrote about the six basics she keeps in the pantry for vegan cooking. She says they help keep expenses down. Read more here

Is this what we have been waiting for? This holiday season Marks and Spencer is offering more meatless entrees than meat entrees. The Telegraph's Lucy Fletcher has the story right here

And how about vegan cheeses in the UK?  Jenna Farmer of Metro has saved you the trouble. Here's her Metro report on best vegan cheeses. Click here.

Want bone broth without the bones? Laurie McHenry of Trendhunter tells us all about Splendid Spoon's line of plant-based "bone" broths. Learn more here

Are you ready for this? Grub Street's Clind Rainey writes about Milkadamia  derived from "free range trees." Click here

Hello Wisconsin and visitors to Wisconsin. Tim Morrisey writing in Public News Service talks about the new digital roadmap to Wisconsin local food. Plenty of farmers markets, events and farm to table listings. Learn more

There's a conventional wisdom that going veggie costs more and is easier for the privileged to maintain. This article by Laura Schwecherl, appearing in, describes 44 foods that cost less than $1 a serving. A few are for carnivores; and there are no real surprises. Still, it's useful to see the many possibilities in one place. Read here

Apparently every body doesn't need milk. When landmark New York dairy Elmhurst closed down in August 2016, appropriate "times they are changing" articles surfaced. But as New York magazine reports, Elmhurst reemerge as a forward-looking. producer of nut milks. Read more

Which will happen first? The paperless office or the beanless vegetarian diet? How can you minimize your legume intake (and its accompanying digestive downside) and still get enough protein? Nutritionist Heather McClees tells how in One Green Planet. Click here.

We want to report that Clint Rainey of New York magazine's Grub Street is reporting the New York Times report about the Impossible Foods veggie burger, known for its willinghess to bleed. The FDA has not yet deemed one of the burger's ingredients, leghemoglobin, "completely safe for consumption." The Impossible folks have explained to the Federal agency that the laboratory testing did not kill any rats. Although this may be scientifically pertinent, it makes for a lousy slogan. Read more.

 In a blog entry Darkoshi shares information about commonly used non-vegan fats. The reason this info is so important is that you can’t really tell the animal origins from reading the ingredient list.  Learn more.

A New York City upscale deli chain, Fresh & Co and  San Francisco chef James Corwell of Ocean Hugger Foods are working together to save tuna — one sushi roll at a time. Journalist Veronica Chavez explains it all in her One Green Planet  article “’Sustainable ‘Seadood  Goes to the Next Level with Tomato-Based All Vegan Tuna.” Learn more.

What’s fresh among local produce in September? Rachael Pack, Cook Editor at The Daily Meal, has prepared a list. Click here.

Tandoor Chef

 Tandoor Chef's Vegetable Korma , as seen in

Hunting down the various 20 spices and odd ingredients that go into the wonderful 5000-year-old complex Indian cuisine, and cooking same could take hours. Fortunately, the freezer gods have heard our prayers.  Tandoor Chef’s frozen meals to the rescue. [more]

Beyond Meat is going beyond burgers, reports Beth Kowitt of Fortune magazine..The California-based, plant-based company is adding sausage to it’s alt-meat offerings. Apparently one of the big tricks was to capture sausage's uneven texture. For more, click here.

World Coconut Day Lives

World Coconut Day on


Kathy Beskow is a writer,chef and cooking instructor. She also is a contributor to self magazine where she wrote about the six basics she keeps in the pantry for vegan cooking. She says they help keep expenses down. Read more here

A belated but sincere happy World Coconut Day (2 September) to every last man, woman, child and coconut on this planet.

Let’s keep the spirit of this day going all year round. Here are a few ways you can help.

1. For a change of taste, turn to COYO. The label calls it a “coconut yogurt alternative.”  We call it a smooth operator. [more]

Let's Do . . .Organic

Green Banana Flour

Green Banana Flour, as seen iin

The veggie journo life is one of constant discovery. Take green banana flour. Who knew that peeling, chopping, drying, and then grinding green bananas could yield such a useful, healthy flour? Actually, lots of people did — and for more than 100 years. They tended to live in Jamaica, Central America and Africa.

In very recent years, it took three magic phrases to bring green banana flour to our shores. [more]

The Daily Meal adds to our healthy dining repertoire with a slide show (assembled by Michael Serrur) about eight little known superfoods. We should mention that one of them is not worth mentioning. Click here.