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Plant-Based Food For Carbon-Based Units


 Here is news and information about items you might want on your pantry, fridge or freezer shelves.

Tandoor Chef

 Tandoor Chef's Vegetable Korma , as seen in

Hunting down the various 20 spices and odd ingredients that go into the wonderful 5000-year-old complex Indian cuisine, and cooking same could take hours. Fortunately, the freezer gods have heard our prayers.  Tandoor Chef’s frozen meals to the rescue. [more]


World Coconut Day Lives

World Coconut Day on


A belated but sincere happy World Coconut Day (2 September) to every last man, woman, child and coconut on this planet.

Let’s keep the spirit of this day going all year round. Here are a few ways you can help.

1. For a change of taste, turn to COYO. The label calls it a “coconut yogurt alternative.”  We call it a smooth operator. [more]

Let's Do . . .Organic

Green Banana Flour

Green Banana Flour, as seen iin

The veggie journo life is one of constant discovery. Take green banana flour. Who knew that peeling, chopping, drying, and then grinding green bananas could yield such a useful, healthy flour? Actually, lots of people did — and for more than 100 years. They tended to live in Jamaica, Central America and Africa.

In very recent years, it took three magic phrases to bring green banana flour to our shores. [more]