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You're a vegetarian, but you live in the world. You're tolerant. You roll with all sorts of people. You've even gone with biz colleagues to Smith and Wollensky  and ordered the most excellent baked potato with all the trimmings, the Ugly Ripe Tomato, creamed spinach, baby Cajun potatoes, whipped potatoes, onion rings, roasted oyster mushrooms, broccoli, a mixed green salad, mac and cheese. And actually made your quiet point — and your dining companions very, very jealous.

But when you leave the restaurant, maybe someone you fancy walks you home. You reach the door. You're tolerant, you're compassionate, you live in the world. But when your companion moves in for the kiss, something in you screams, 'Get off my face with your puckering greasy chicken lips!'

People, not every vegetarian out there is a shambling hippie who wears socks with sandals, even in winter. (Those are the real catches - MIT math geniuses, Silicon Valley zillionaires on the spectrum, organic farmers - but that's another story. Maybe later. )

So why not weed out old Chicken Lips before you go on a date and check out these match-up sites? We’ve heard of  couple marriage proposals and a whoop- ass load of propositions. Sure beats Tinder. But  remember: this is still dating and all’s not necessarily fair etc.

We'll be adding to this list, so come back soon.  

Veggie Connection — born from a dance site operated by a long time vegetarian activist.

Veggiedate — You can search any region or spiritual belief system.

 Veggie Matchmakers — You can join for free. There can be a one-time charge for a personal ad and here are coupons for us with eHarmony
Dating Advice This site’s men’s section offers its list of  “10 Best Vegetarian Dating Sites.”

 And London's Daily Telegraph puts its tuppence in with its dating site suggestions.

Or you can do it the old-fashioned way by getting lucky while on holiday. Here are some suggestions from Responsible Vacations.


Rachel Sanoff's Bustle article "7 Vegan Sex Products That Will Help You Have Safe Eco Friendly Fun In The Bedroom" does a public (and private) service. Who stopped to find out latex condoms often contain casein, a milk protein? Click here