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Cabbages seen on the Vegetarian Gazette

Plant-Based Food For Carbon-Based Units


Fancy Food Show 2015

The Summer 2015 Specialty Fancy Food Show took over New York’s Javits Center 30 June-2 July. It was a huge serving of aromas, texture, mouth feel and flavor.  According to show officials, more than 22,000 attendees traipsed past 2,600 specialty food companies from 50 countries, including Brooklyn.

It was a carnival of madness, surprise and delight. {more]


East Village Book Signing

Vegetarian Gazette's coverage of Amy Chaplin and Scott Chaskey  

It was Sunday in New York.

Spring, whose entrance was a well-kept secret, blossomed suddenly. . . It was Mother’s Day as well.

Angelica’s Kitchen, an East Village vegetarian outpost since 1976, added to the bouncy zeitgeist by hosting a mid-afternoon book-signing party for two of its friends — Amy Chaplin and Scott Chaskey. [more]