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Plant-Based Food For Carbon-Based Units


Economist Dispenses Wisdom and Free Plant-Based "Hot Dogs"

The Economist hypes plant-based franks, self in NYC street promo

A bright red hot dog cart is wending its way through the streets of New York City between now and mid-June. It is tasked with dispensing free “hotdog style” plant-based sausages, provided by the Beyond Meat Company. What a noble mission!

And, get this! Sponsoring this whole street cred engagement promotion is none other than the estimable, reputable, venerable publication, The Economist. [more]

What goes on at a vegan festival? Here's an eye-witness account from Emily E.'s blog Chitown Green. Learn more

World Vegan Day,  2 September, brought out 5,000 marchers in London, according to the Evening  Standard’s  Fiona Simpson. They were demonstrating in  behalf of animal rights. For the story, including videos, click here.   

Vegetarian Vision Expo

Vegetarian Vision celebrates its 25th anniversary with its convention, presented by New Life on Saturday and Sunday 9-10, September at New York City’s Penn Plaza Pavilion. 

Billed as a health, wellness  and  food expo, the event will convert the Penn Plaza Pavilion into an instant veg-friendly town. It will be a gathering of vegetarian, vegan, yoga, health and wellness experts and exhibitors.  As befitting this assemblage of presenters, the two days will be filled with lectures, cooking demos, and yoga and meditation classes. There also will be kid’s activities, a fashion show and a Mr. and Miss Vegetarian Beauty Pageant. One might say no crystal will be left unturned. [more]

World Coconut Day Lives

 A belated but sincere happy World Coconut Day (2 September) to every last man, woman, child and coconut on this planet.

Let’s keep the spirit of this day going all year round. Here are a few ways you can help.

1. For a change of taste, turn to COYO. The label calls it a “coconut yogurt alternative.”  We call it a smooth operator. [more]

Fancy Food Show 2015

The Summer 2015 Specialty Fancy Food Show took over New York’s Javits Center 30 June-2 July. It was a huge serving of aromas, texture, mouth feel and flavor.  According to show officials, more than 22,000 attendees traipsed past 2,600 specialty food companies from 50 countries, including Brooklyn.

It was a carnival of madness, surprise and delight. {more]


East Village Book Signing

Vegetarian Gazette's coverage of Amy Chaplin and Scott Chaskey  

It was Sunday in New York.

Spring, whose entrance was a well-kept secret, blossomed suddenly. . . It was Mother’s Day as well.

Angelica’s Kitchen, an East Village vegetarian outpost since 1976, added to the bouncy zeitgeist by hosting a mid-afternoon book-signing party for two of its friends — Amy Chaplin and Scott Chaskey. [more]