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Chandra Mehta announces Vegetarian Vision expo


Vegetarian Vision celebrates its 25th anniversary with its convention, presented by New Life on Saturday and Sunday 9-10, September at New York City’s Penn Plaza Pavilion. 

Billed as a health, wellness  and  food expo, the event will convert the Penn Plaza Pavilion into an instant veg-friendly town. It will be a gathering of vegetarian, vegan, yoga, health and wellness experts and exhibitors.  As befitting this assemblage of presenters, the two days will be filled with lectures, cooking demos, and yoga and meditation classes. There also will be kid’s activities, a fashion show and a Mr. and Miss Vegetarian Beauty Pageant. One might say no crystal will be left unturned.

In the words of Vegetarian Visions President hotelier Chandra Mehta, it will be “fun for all.”

The organization, founded by Harshad K. Shah in 1992, states its mission is to “promote, encourage and inspire people to become Vegetarian, propagate the benefits of various vegetarian foods, and provide educational information on the benefits of various Vegetarian foods.” The group has sponsored many events over the years (including Thanksgiving dinners and the Mr. and Miss Beauty Pageant).

Known to her friends as a remarkable hostess, Mrs. Mehta agrees that her Vegetarian Vision role makes her an ambassador for the plant-based diet. She likes the mentoring aspect of this conference and other events.

“We’ll be educating people,” she said. “Some speakers will be talking about how to prevent heart disease; some will be talking about medicine, animal welfare.” She added that  some will offer  “spiritual and meditation" advice.

Of course, at a vegetarian event, the unifying theme is food.

“This is my instinct,” she added. “I believe that as more and more people know of vegetarian food, the more people will know what it is. And you know what? The more of it we eat, the softer we become, the more humanity we have; the kinder we are. If somebody hurts us, we know how bad it is. It’s the same with animals; but thwey can't talk. We should love them.”

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