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Plant-Based Food For Carbon-Based Units


CBD-Infused Sprig Seltzer Preps for the Summer

CBD-infused Sprig Seltzer offers  Summer cocktail recipes

Perhaps Summer 2019 will be the season of cocktails and mocktails made with CBD infused beverages. At least, that seems to be the goal of Sprig seltzers. (Sprig's slogan is "Smile More."

The company launched in 2015 with THC-infused beverages. It added its CBD line in 2018. Without getting lost too much in the linguistic weeds, let’s just remind ourselves that THC and CBD are cannabis derivatives. [more]


What happens when you cross turnip with cabbage? You get a rutabaga, also known as a swede. Of course, one never should cross cabbages. They hold a grudge and know where you live.  Nevertheless the Guardian offers its readers Meera Sodha's recipe  for vegan swede laksa, an “aromatic south-east-Asian noodle soup.” You’ll find it  here.


Let's Do . . .Organic

Green Banana Flour

Green Banana Flour, as seen iin

The veggie journo life is one of constant discovery. Take green banana flour. Who knew that peeling, chopping, drying, and then grinding green bananas could yield such a useful, healthy flour? Actually, lots of people did — and for more than 100 years. They tended to live in Jamaica, Central America and Africa.

In very recent years, it took three magic phrases to bring green banana flour to our shores. [more]

Where better to present the perfect scrambled tofu recipe than the Vegan Society blog. Day Radley shares her bean curd secret. Click here. 


Go Ahead. Try Patsy's Peach Crostata


Here is a peach crostata recipe from Patsy’s Italian restaurant, one of New York City’s more iconic establishments. Just as Patsy’s has been a tradition in New York, this peach crostata has been a tradition at Patsy’s. We are told it is one of Chef Sal’s favorite desserts. Get the recipe here,

Pancakes and French Toast for September Morn Breakfast

Maple Cranberry Granola Pancakes, seen in 

The most important meal of the day inspires two questions: 1. What’s for breakfast? 2. Again?


But fear not. Off in the distance we can see the approach of September — the official Better Breakfast Month. Let’s pre-celebrate. [more]

Emma Porter of the "Paleo With Mrs. P" blog posts a recipe for 4-ingredient (almonds, tapioca flour, cumin and  paleo cumin gluten-free flatbread on One Green Planet. Click here

Cookbook/foodie fiction author Judith Fertig writes about vegan lunchbox glories for Natural Awakenings magazine. Included are recipes from noted chefs. Click here

A new blog — Budget Vegan — from an experienced blogger offers meal plans and recipes. Try this one for Simple Vegan Chiclpe “Tuna” Salad. Cost? 91¢. Click here

Cascade Ice, the bottler of sparkling essence-enhanced waters, has a lifestyle tip for us. When celebrating Cinco de Mayo (or any other occasion), use flavored sparkling water. Oh the calories you’ll save. Here are a few examples.  [more]

Speaking of chickpeas (an inexhaustible topic), Florian Nouh of Contentedness Cooking shared his recipe for a quick vegan Pimento Dip on One Green Planet. See it here.  

Vancouver Sun food writer Mia Stainsby presents her readers with a hearty chickpea stew. It’s from Amy Chaplin’s book, At Home in The Whole Food Kitchen" . For more  about Amy Chaplin. see "East Village Book Signing" above.   Meanwhile, click here.

Julia x of San Francisco and the blog Sprinkles and Saturdays offers us this recipe for creamy penne. Her secret? Cannelini beans.   Click here.

In December. 2014 Glamour’s “Living” blog ran a lasagna recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food cookbook. It’s a bit  ambitious; but chef  tells us, “It will totally smash other veggie lasagne to pieces,.” The sauce alone seems to be worth the price of admission. Follow chef’s instructions and you'll end up with an impressive veggie pasta pie that serves 10. [Read more]

A simple, scrumptious looking recipe for pancakes on Vegan Girl's blog VeganLivingNow. She folows the rule of switch out, awitch out, switch out. Click here.



The Daily Meal calls this page “3 Healthy Snacks You Can Make in 5 Minutes or Less.” The three are “easy homemade  hummus,” “flavored popcorn” and “fruit and chocolate.” Actually, the “three” is just a concept. This page leads you to a curated 42 pages of hummus recipes and 10 flavored popcorn recipes. Spoilage alert: a few recipes contain meat. Otherwise, click here.


Avocado anyone? Here are 10 summer recipes that feature the pear-shaped delight from The Daily Meal’s Kristie Collado.  A few Avocados in the Veggie Gazetteinvolve meat but most don’t. Click here.

Utah newspaper, the Independent offers us a Vegan Ranch Dressing and Dip as its “Healthy Recipe Of The Week.” The recipe, provided by health coach Barbara J. Mathison  makes good use of cashews and some tangy bits. Click here




 Do you have an appealing recipe with verboten ingeredients? The "V-Word's"   Rhea Parsons offers her sprightly suggestion — “10 Vegan-Friendly Ingredient Substitutions You Can Use in Almost Any Recipe.”     Click here.

Writer/blogger/journalist Alex A. Kecskes  posts about “5 Healthy Vegan Snacks That Don’t Need to be Refrigerated” on Click here.

From Clotilde's Chocolate & Zucchini blog comes this versatile easy peasy peanut sauce. Click here