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World Coconut Day Lives


A belated but sincere happy World Coconut Day (2 September) to every last man, woman, child and coconut on this planet.

Let’s keep the spirit of this day going all year round. Here are a few ways you can help.


1. For a change of taste, turn to COYO. The label calls it a “coconut yogurt alternative.”  We call it a smooth operator. It’s made from coconut pieces (not coconut milk), tapioca starch and probiotic little guys. Although it’s nondairy, it delivers a yogurtarian effect. Actually the mouth feel is sublime. Some of our tasters declared it is smoother than yogurt. COYO comes in four flavors — natural (a/k/a plain), chocolate, mango, and mixed berry. Our fave was natural. It’s rich with just a whisper of coconut taste.  Mixed berry was a close second.


COYO is the brainchild of Fiji-born Henry Gosling and his wife Sandra. As the story goes, Henry Gosling, who was an executive in both the Australian newspaper and dairy industries was looking for a new business he could call his own. In the wee hours of the morning, he recalled his Fiji childhood and the coconuts.  Why not coconut yogurt he wondered. Why not indeed!

Thus began a period of research, experimentation, testing, giving out samples, and test-marketing at a local health food store. COYO was officially unleashed on the world in 2010 — first in Australia and ultimately (or maybe penultimately) the US.  The COYO website has a bunch of recipes, the usual yogurt suspects— e.g. breakfasts, baked goods, and snacks. For more information, click here


2. Delve into the wide world of coconutoid offerings, here are but a few.

3. Show the love. Go to the World Coconut Day website and see all the vital details that coconut growers want you to know about what they call “this magical fruit.” For example, “the oldest coconut fossils were found up to 55 million years ago in Australia and India.”  The site already features a countdown to the 2018 World Coconut Day. Should be a doozy. Click here.