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Cabbages seen on the Vegetarian Gazette

Plant-Based Food For Carbon-Based Units

This just in!

Rigoni di Asiago's Nocciolata Dairy Free spread gives you a whole lotta taste. The chocolate hazelnut confection is simple, satisfying, sweet and sexy.  [more]

Berlin is quite the "vegan haven," says Yammick Pasquet, in an Agence France Presse story, distributed by Yahoo. Berlin is home to 10% of Germany's vegans and 60 vegan restaurants (there are 24 in Paris and 40 in London)— and it's cool. Read more.

We've heard of sunshine patriots. Monday morning quarterbacks, and weekend warriors . GQ, UK's Ross Edgley calls himself a weekend vegan. One reason for this stance, he says, is that it helps him learn mindful eating. His article is called "Why You Should Be A Vegan "(although he isn't.)  Read more.

Year of the pulse in

2016 is the International Year of the Pulse.   Celebrate by reading “Green Beans: Why Pulses Are The Eco-Friendly Option For Feeding – And Saving – The World.” The article by researchers  Caroline Wood  and Wayne Martindale  appears on academically oriented  website, (Wood is a University of Sheffield Ph.d. student and Martindale is a Senior Research Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University. To read, click here

Olympian weightlifter Kendrick Farris of Louisiana is garnering attention for his record-breaking performances — and his vegan diet. Tiare Dunlap writes about him in People. Click here

You know vegetarianism is trending when even piranhas are going veggie. Well okay we’ re talking about the red-bellied pacu (Piaractus brachypomus). Native to the Amazon, it’s actually a piranha cousin. Mindy Weisberger Live Science senior writer reports that several of these finny plant eaters had been found in Michigan waters. (No, they were not attracted by Jelly Roll Morton’s assertion that Michigan water taste like Sherry wine.) Most remarkably, their teeth look like human grinders and are used for nuts and seeds. More

Lydia Manch of the Londonist says there are so many opportunities for good vegan food in London that she had to compile a separate list devoted just to street food. So if you want to discover cardamom hummus, BBQ jackfruit or blueberry and lavender gateaux among other items, check this list out here.


Pancakes and French Toast for September Morn Breakfast

Maple Cranberry Granola Pancakes, seen in



The most important meal of the day inspires two questions: 1. What’s for breakfast? 2. Again?


But fear not. Off in the distance we can see the approach of September — the official Better Breakfast Month. Let’s pre-celebrate. [more]

KTB Parmesan Crisp:

 a Chip Off the Old Block

In some ways the Parmesn Crisp from Kitchen Table Bakers (KTB) is the perfect snack. It’s crunchy, salty, yummy, cheesy, and high protein. It looks and feels like a chip. But this is a chip off the old block . . .of cheese  — Parmesan cheese. [more]

KuaLi Snack Bars

Crispy, cheerful KuaLi snack bars have a not so secret ingredient — amaranth seed, the ancient Aztec sustainer that now is an official superfood. [more]

Zengo New York's Summer Menu

Zengo's crispy tofu,as seen in

Like any self-respecting super Chef, Richard Sandoval has his cookbooks, TV appearances, fan base and – most importantly — his restaurants (42 of them at last count). They are in such far-flung outposts as Denver, Dubai, Washington DC, Mexico’s Riviera Maya Region, Philadelphia, and New York City. Happily for New Yorkers, his Latin/Asian fusion restaurant Zengo (located at 633 3rd Avenue) has just announced a summer vegetarian and cocktail menu.  [more]

6 Sips of Coffee

 It's confirmed. Mars has water. This invites the big question: How do you take your coffee?

After all, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Where there’s fire and water, there’s coffee. How can we not savor the prospect of Martian java? Pink Sky. Blue sun. Two moons. No waiting. [more]

 Q&A With Gene Baur

Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur gives us a wide-raging interview, on the occasion of his recently released book, —Living the Farm Sanctuary Life: The Ultimate  Guide to Eating Mindfully, Living Longer, and Feeling Better Every Day. (For an excerpt from the book, click here.) In the interview, Baur talks about the his journey toward toward more mindful eating and living, the persistence of habit, the broken food system and the outlook for change. To read the inerview, click here.


Cascade Ice recipes in


Cascade Ice, the bottler of sparkling essence-enhanced waters, has a lifestyle tip for us. When celebrating Cinco de Mayo (or any other occasion), use flavored sparkling water. Oh the calories you’ll save. Here are a few examples.  [more]


PeTA's Cookbook

for Students

book review


Peta's Vegab College CookbookWhat’s not to love about PeTA’s Vegan College Cookbook? This dorm  survival guide devotes a chapter just to ramen.  Still another chapter is all about peanut butter.  More conventional categories do earn a place on the table of contents. These include breakfast, dinner, soups and stews, salads, desserts, and sauces and dressings. We’re not exactly in cordon bleu land here. [more[